The Non-Violent School of Direct Action (NVSDA) is a community project based in Kitchener, ON.

We offer educational events and resources about ongoing struggles and injustices, while seeking to foster engagement and action. The NVSDA offers free workshops on a wide range of skills and theoretical approaches for direct action. We explore histories of resistance and host people from the front lines to share their skills and experience.

Our workshops are organized in a way that hopes to benefit both new and experienced activists. We want to work together to build an inclusive and autonomous movement – this is our revolution. We hope to grow into a fuller realization of this commitment through interactions with the community.

The NVSDA wants to contribute to the creation of new ‘spaces’ that encourage everybody to find their rhythm in a movement against the many violent faces of the Empire.

We gleefully affirm a diversity of tactics and trust that others will do the same. We call for bold, creative, defiant action that breaks the molds of our society and erodes the Empire in real and visible ways.

This project began in 2010 through conversation and outreach with various places of worship, existing NVDA organizations and community groups. Throughout this process, we have strived to keep our focus on creating a meaningful and authentic school. We are now pleased to offer that to the community.

We’re a non-funded grassroots group that relies on skill- and resource-sharing from our community to sustain our activities.

Training in Non-Violent Direct Action
Experienced facilitators share skills for a wide range of direct action techniques.

Education on Current Struggles
Educational events will highlight ongoing struggles and injustices, both local and global, to strengthen our individual and collective contributions to the movement.

Connection to Existing Initiatives
There are so many groups and individuals offering great resources and infrastructure to our movement. We will facilitate chances to connect with them.

Networking/Skill sharing
Ask about having an info booth at NSVDA events about a project that you are working on. Offer to share a skill for NVDA at one of our events. Invite us to endorse and promote your event or initiative.