STOP RECRUITING CHILDREN FOR WAR                                              


Contact us to get involved! Meet us there.  The Air Show is at the Waterloo International Airport in Breslau.

See here for event info.

Redirect Military Spending is a campaign initiated by the Canadian Peace Alliance. Please click here for more information.

Reasons to Oppose the Waterloo Air Show Include:
– A CF-18 fighter jet is on display with a captain whose claim to fame is that he dropped bombs during the Afghanistan and Libya missions.
– Lockheed Martin recently donated a drone-pilot simulator to the Air Cadets stationed at the local base. It will be on display in an interactive manner, for kids.
– At last year’s show there was a Special Ops land assault display at the Waterloo Air Show – part of the Harper’s militarization of our culture.
– Air shows are, unfortunately, always about recruiting our children.

– The impact on the poor old environment is significant – and Nestle, is a sponsor.

Recruiting Our Children For War:

Scroll through the info at the following link, it describes the fighter jet display and the drone simulator for kids.
It also highlights the appeal to children, with the inclusion of a cartoon airplane character:

Meet and greet for local kids with pilot who dropped bombs on kids in faraway places:

The following two links give more info on the CF-18 display, including Captain Patrick “Flocho” Pollen, whose claim to fame includes dropping bombs in Afghanistan and Libya.

The Captain is also speaking at the M Museum for kids to get autographs.

Please note that the M Museum is also exhibiting ‘Bob Marley, One Love’ and ‘World Refugee Art Exhibit’ during the Month of June.

Drone Simulators, Gift of Lockheed Martin’s Campaign to Recruit Children into Military Industrial Complex:

The following 2 links tell more about those drone simulators for youngsters. By LM’s own admission the simulators are designed to attract a large number of youngsters into the war industry through the seduction of high-tech gadgets:–new-technology-gives-local-cadets-a-chance-to-soar

Environmental impact:

Check out the sidebar half-way through the article at this link:

If the facts given in the CBC link are correct and have been properly converted between kg/litres at jet fules 0.81 average density and not water’s density, then a full armed CF-18 has a maximum fuel capacity of 15 780 litres.  It can travel 2 340 km before refueling.

Therefore CF-18 fighter jet burns 674 litres/100km of denser, heavier, more toxic jet fuel

An average car in NA burns an average of 12 litres/100km
A Volkswagen burns an average of just 0.9 litres/100km of lighter, less polluting automobile fuel

Pro-Military Air Show’s Psychological Effect On Children:

Check out the following documentary, produced by the Dundas Independent Video Association.  In it we see a Homes Not Bombs placard.

** Stop Recruiting Our Children For War banner was created by Maine artists Natasha Mayers and Nora Tryon and was used during protests at the 2012 ‘Great Maine Air Show’ in Brunswick, Maine **  See for details:

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